Nea Talenta Summit

In a world changing at breaknek speed we have to reconsider what we take for granted. It is evident that the new economic situation has very important social repercussions. Therefore more than ever before, we need emphasis on pioneering initiatives. We need to take action and bring restless thinkers together from different fields and encourage and challenge them to explore fresh approaches for a sustainable tomorrow.


Such initiative is the Nea Talenta Summit a one day international affair comprising of a series of motivating events endorsed by acclaimed Universities and education institutions.

Held in Paris in November Spring 2018 the Summit aims to bring together:


• We expect about 1000 pre-selected young graduates and high-potential students from about 50 of the world leading Universities


• Pioneering and visionary corporations and their decision makers, committed to make a positive contribution to society


• Prominent figures and innovative minds from different fields: artists, designers, architects, politicians, media personalities, scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, Key figures.


• Leading Universities and educational institutions from across the world who will be connected through live streaming on Nea Talenta website, making this a truly global initiative


Participate in the Nea Talenta Summit



Young graduates, ambitious students, aspiring academics, professionals, leading organisations all play an important role in society and shaping the future. The Nea Talenta Summit acts like a international platform to enhance relations and create opportunities by combining talented people from different institutions, businesses, countries and backgrounds, making the Nea Talenta Summit experience all the more unique and rewarding.

Choose from the list below the category you wish to participate in:

Students and young graduated

An outstanding opportunity for students and young graduates from leading universities and institutions around the world to participate in a unique event that will enable them to get involved in live debates with famous personalities and network with top management of world class organisations. Come together with 1,000 other students and young graduates and get the once in a lifetime to meet some of the most thought after individuals and organisations in the monde de l'enterprise.


Accomplished representatives of the university community will share their expertise in a series of multidisciplinary dialogues that will cover a range of topics around creativity.


Nea talenta Summit invites eminent figures of society including, innovative designers, influential politicians, scientists, media personalities, world leading organisations and many other important role models: It is the meeting place where expertise can make the difference and help to shape a better future.


City of Paris

With 16 institutions in the QS world University rankings, more than any other city of the planet, Paris ranks as the world's top city for international students. Some of the world's important philosophers, theorists and scientists have graduated from leading Parisian universities in the last 100 years and the most influential leaders in literature, film and art were born in the "City of Light".

There is no other place more suitable to host the Nea Talenta initiative. Paris’ cultural vitality, energetic diverse student presence from all over the world and elite academia create the perfect set for the breeding place of knowledge and idea exchange that the Nea Talenta aims to be.